5 Underrated 2016 NHL Draft Eligible Players

After taking a look at Central Scouting’s North American skaters list, I found a few players who I felt should have been rated higher.


David Quenneville- Medicine Hat Tigers WHL

  • Central Scouting Rank: #144
  • Position: Defense
  • 2015-2016 Stats: 14 goals, 41 assists, 55 points in 64 games

When I had the chance to watch Quenneville play at the U18 championships a couple weeks ago, I was very impressed.

The first part of Quenneville’s game that stood out to me, was his shot. He has a very hard and accurate shot from the point and isn’t scared to use it. He is able to find a way to get his shot to the net. Another aspect of his game that really impressed me was his poise with the puck. Quenneville never panicked when he was under pressure. He would usually make the smart play and get himself out of trouble.

Quenneville has the potential to become a solid NHL defenseman. He also has the points to show that he will be able to contribute from the backend.


Kyle Maksimovich- Erie Otters OHL

  • Central Scouting Rank: #103
  • Position: LW
  • 2015-2016 Stats: 27 goals, 44 assists, 71 points in 68 games

During past season I had the chance to watch Maksimovich live a number of times. Each time I watched him, he did something impressive and in my opinion was one of the best players on the ice.

I have to be honest, the only real downside that I have seen in Maksimovich’s game is his size. Maksimovich is listed at 5’9 and 170 pounds. Now I agree that size is a big factor in player’s success in the NHL but, his skill and determination will allow him successful.

Maksimovich’s strongest aspects of his game are his skating, playmaking/passing, and creativity with the puck. All of these tools allow him to play with the bigger players of the OHL and be successful.

I believe that whoever ends up drafting Maksimovich will be happy with the selection down the road. Maksimovich has the tools and potential to become an NHL player.


Connor Bunnaman- Kitchener Rangers OHL

  • Central Scouting Rank: #87
  • Position: C/LW
  • 2015-2016 Stats: 16 goals, 22 assists, 38 points in 68 games

In this past season, the Kitchener Rangers had a very strong and deep team. Bunnaman was a strong player for the Rangers all season but, didn’t get a whole lot of ice time.

Bunnaman has a good skill set and is a great overall player. He is willing to do whatever it takes to win and will help out in anyway possible (i.e block shots, PK). Bunnaman is able to finish when in tight and is a gritty player. He is also very responsible in his own end and can be relied on late in games.

I believe that Bunnaman has the potential to become a strong bottom two-line player in the NHL. He is the type of player that coaches love and winning teams need.


Cliff Pu- London Knights OHL

  • Central Scouting Rank: #75
  • Position: C/RW
  • 2015-2016 Stats: 12 goals, 19 assists, 31 points in 63 games

I have had the chance to watch the London Knights a lot throughout the 2015-2016 season. One player that has really caught my eye is Cliff Pu.

Pu’s most noticeable aspect of his game is his skating. Pu is an elite skater and when he gets to full speed, there aren’t many guys in the OHL who are faster. Pu also has exceptional IQ on the ice. He is always looking to make the right play and help his team be successful. Another underrated aspect of his game is his defensive play. Pu is very solid in his own end and is a key player on the Knights PK.

Since the start of the playoffs, there has been a lot more talk about Pu going higher then he is rated. I completely agree with this and think that he deserves it. He is a very solid overall player and has the potential to become a solid third line Center in the NHL.


Adam Mascherin- Kitchener Rangers OHL

  • Central Scouting Rank: #42
  • Position: C/LW
  • 2015-2016 Stats: 35 goals, 46 assists, 81 points in 65 games

Mascherin has done almost everything he could possibly do to move up the draft rankings, but it never seems to be enough. Mascherin had a great season for the Kitchener Rangers and had great numbers to show for it.

The best part of Mascherin’s game is his shot. Mascherin has an NHL ready shot. He has the ability to shoot from anywhere in the offensive zone and be extremely dangerous. Mascherin is also an excellent playmaker. If he isn’t in a good position to shoot, he has the ability to find the open man and make a solid play.

Overall, I believe that Mascherin is an underrated prospect going into the 2016 NHL Draft. He has the potential to be a great sniper in the NHL.


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