Should the Maple Leafs Trade for Christian Dvorak?

If you have had a chance to watch the London Knights play this season, you probably understand why it may make sense for the Leafs to acquire Christian Dvorak. London’s top line consisting of Mitch Marner, Christian Dvorak, and Matthew Tkachuk has been almost unstoppable in the 2015-2016 season.

All three of the players finished in the top 5 for points in the entire league.

  • Dvorak: 52 goals and 121 points in 59 games
  • Marner: 39 goals and 116 points in 57 games
  • Tkachuk: 30 goals and 107 points in 57 games.

Now in a perfect world I’m sure that Toronto’s management would love to have all three, but at this in point in time that doesn’t seem possible. So, I am going to focus on whether or not the Leafs should be trying to trade the Arizona Coyotes for Dvorak.

Dvorak was drafted into the NHL in 2014. He was selected 58th overall by the Phoenix Coyotes, who are now called the Arizona Coyotes. Since the 2014 draft, Dvorak’s stock has risen incredibly.

The chemistry that Marner and Dvorak have is extremely hard to find. They make the game look so easy. It seems like they know where the other one will be, without even taking a look first.

Next season will be It will be interesting to see how both Dvorak and Marner play when they are no longer on the same line. Dvorak will either be in the NHL or AHL next season. Marner is an even bigger question. Marner is not eligible to play in the AHL next season, so it is the NHL or CHL again for him.

The big question is, what would the Leafs need to give up to acquire Dvorak. It is hard to tell what Arizona would want from the Leafs in return for Dvorak or even if they are willing to give him up at all. But, my guess is that the asking price is extremely high, especially because they understand how good Dvorak and Marner play together.

So depending on the asking price for Dvorak it may or may not make sense for the Leafs to trade for him. I am convinced that both players will be great NHL players in the future, even if they are not playing with each other. But, chemistry is something that teams are always looking to find. Dvorak and Marner already have the tools and chemistry to be a great duo in the NHL. So, if the asking price is right for the Leafs I think it would be a great move for the them to acquire Dvorak.


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